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About Us

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When it comes to financial services you certainly have your choice of companies and products. You might even consider the options overwhelming. After all, you are busy.

You may be an executive, a business owner, a retiree, or responsible for a growing family. Thinking about personal finances is likely not at the top of your list of everyday things to do. And yet, it remains of critical importance – to you, to your family, and to your future.

So how do you select a company to entrust with your finances? You look for the right people: people who are skilled, knowledgeable, part of your community, who speak your language and understand your needs. You seek a company that has a track record of strength, a wide portfolio of products, and deep local connections.

We are proud to be a general agency of MassMutual, a company that has grown and thrived - surviving wars, depressions, recessions, and changing market conditions – since 1851. Our firm is designed to serve the many communities that make up the very fabric of this city. Our teams specialize in a variety of areas – from individual and business planning, to special needs planning, wealth management and risk management strategies.

Our Financial Services Professionals mirror the diversity of our client base, which is representative of the cultural richness and history of Houston. Our firm has served the Houston area since 1903. We pride ourselves on a culture of inclusiveness, and continually seek to attract the very best and brightest to serve the cosmopolitan marketplace we all call home.

We’re a company defined by our mutuality, operating for the benefit of our policyowners, and proud of our long history. Over time, MassMutual has provided financial and retirement security to millions of people, paid dividends to our participating policyowners continuously each year since the 1860s, and earned financial strength ratings that are among the highest of any company in any industry.

Once you look at it from that perspective, picking the right company becomes much, much easier. Welcome to MassMutual Greater Houston.

Follow this link to see our most up to date ratings: http://www.massmutual.com/aboutmassmutual/financialinfo/ratings